AccuJet Electrostatic Conveyor System nozzles close-up, in action

Create a Safer, Cleaner Work Environment!

Reduce waste and downtime with the no-overspray Electrostatic Conveyor System's uniform coating.

The AccuJet® electrostatic Conveyor system consists of an independent control box with I/O for connection to existing customer systems. Optional Stainless Steel NEMA 4X and Remote I/O control boxes are also available. Fluid is delivered to the nozzle by a diaphram pump which uses needle valves to meter the flow to the individual sections. A dip tube system is available to draw fluid from existing tanks, drums, and tote. The nozzle is available in two configurations. Our standard nozzle is made of Delrin® and features removable sanitary clamps for easy cleaning. Available with orifice sizes ranging from 0.010 to 0.050 inch ID. An optional high temperature nozzle is also available with the same orifice sizes.

Do you have a hard-to-reach area that requires conveyor-style lubrication?

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Change the Way You Spray!

Low Velocity Spray

Our patented conveyor system can improve your coating quality by spraying small low velocity droplets with an even distribution. With the application of an electrostatic charge we are able to significantly reduce misting and bouncing therefore eliminating mess and contamination.

Spray Your Way

The application of a high voltage charge to a fluid results in high transfer efficiency. The force associated with electrosprays may be great enough to overcome gravitational force attracting the droplet to a target. Whether above the nozzle or below, our conveyor system will deliver a very fine spray coverage.

Save Time and Money

Through the use of electrostatic spray technology we have virtually eliminated overspray, reducing waste by 50%. When using electrostatic atomization, you not only create a cleaner work area, but you also help your environmental management initiatives by reducing process emissions.

See the System in Action!

Pan Coating Application

The patented Conveyor system is designed to deliver a very fine, uniform spray at low flow rates to improve product quality, eliminate misting and over spray, save lubricant, and reduce maintenance and cleanup. The nozzle uses electrostatic technology with flow rates ranging from 0.1 - 20 cc/min to evenly apply droplets for consistent coating. This accuracy reduces product contamination and over spray creating a safer, cleaner, work environment.

Father Sam's Case Study

Father Sam's Bakery in New York was struggling with an ineffective lubrication system. By converting to an AccuJet Electrostatic Conveyor system, they were able to cut costs on lubricant by 50% and reduce maintenance downtime without compromising the quality of their product.