AccuJet electrostatic AccuCart spraying system

Optimize Your Conveyor Application

With the new AccuCartTM for Electrostatic Conveyor Nozzle!

Make any conveyor application a breeze with the AccuJet® AccuCartTM. With this customizable frame, you can lubricate your hard to reach areas without rearranging your shop or bakery floor. The cart is mounted on casters and holds your spray nozzle, spray controller, and reservoir tank all on one mobile cart, reducing maintenance and installation costs.

Change the Way You Spray!


The AccuCartTM Spray Cart is mounted on casters and holds your controls, tank, and spray devices all in one place. This easily positionable cart can be slid into any space with ease, eliminating the need to rearrange your work area.

Configurable Frame

With options including, boom length & height, material, spray width, fluid delivery system, and controls, you can truly customize this cart to fit your exact needs and specifications.

Save Time and Money

Because this is an all-in-one, portable system, you won't need to recreate your work space to utilize it. And you can say goodbye to navigating hard-to-reach spaces for cleaning and maintenance when you're using this caster-mounted system. Simply roll it out, clean thoroughly, replace, and you're ready to go!

Watch the System Work!

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Coming Soon!

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