AccuJet electrostatic single-point shut-off system nozzle super-close-up

The next generation of precision and control!

The Single Point Shut-Off nozzle provides exceptional quality for your lubrication application.

The new AccuJet® Single Point Shut-Off spray nozzle has all the same great benefits and features of the single point nozzle with the capability to spray intermittently based on process conditions. Using an external trigger or PLC input the customer can control flow rate and application based on changes in operating conditions such as variations in line speed. This versatile system is available as a single nozzle, or may be configured into a manifold for wider spray coverage. It also features an optional heated solution for spraying viscous materials. Depending on your application, our standard controller or PLC controller may be used. Fluid is delivered to the nozzle by a pumping system which is connected to a Dip Tube & Panel Mount.

All the Benefits of the Single Point plus...

Intermittent Spray Technology

The Single Point Shut-Off system can be triggered by a sensor input to the controller card or an output from the customers PLC/controller. This flexibility of the nozzle trigger gives the customer greater control over the process by allowing a user to turn the spray on and off as needed.

Manifold Capabilities

The Single Point Shut-Off nozzle is available in a version that allows multiple nozzles to be joined together. This feature gives the customer a wider range of fluids that can be sprayed because the nozzles maintain a common fluid path. Fluids which need to be continuously mixed or heated may now be recirculated through the manifold.

Watch the System Work!

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