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High transfer efficiency, superior coating quality!

Each Electrostatic Single-Point Spray System drastically reduces material consumption, labor, and maintenance costs.

The patented AccuJet® Single Point spray system consists of an independent control box with I/O for connection to existing customer systems. Optional Stainless Steel NEMA 4X and Remote I/O control boxes are also available. Fluid is delivered to the nozzle by a pumping system which is connected to a 16 liter tank. The nozzle is available in two configurations. Our standard acetal nozzle features interchangeable tips available in 5 different orifice sizes from 0.010 to 0.050 inch ID. An optional high temperature nozzle is also available with the same orifice sizes - tips are not interchangeable.

The Future of Lubrication!

Save Money

The patented AccuJet® single point system has delivered dramatic results for chain oiling applications. Oil consumption can decrease by 50% and chain life doubles saving thousands of dollars annually.

Precise Application Rates

Electrostatic spray technology enables us to apply fluids as low as .01cc/min with unique control. This eliminates misting and overspray, thus lowering metal exposure rates in beverage cans.

Reduce Downtime

Better lubrication enables manufacturers to eliminate downtime previously caused by re-tensioning the chain every other month and has also provided a production line speed of up to 3000 cans per minute.

Watch the System Work!

Chain Lubrication Application

The patented Single Point Spray System improves chain lubrication while greatly reducing oil consumption and downtime. Our electrostatic spray nozzles are available with flow rates ranging from 0.01 - 5 cc/min so lubricant is applied only where desired. This accuracy reduces product contamination and over spray creating a safer, cleaner, work environment.

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