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Spray your way with the Ultrasonic flat or round spray options.

The patented AccuJet® Ultrasonic Nozzle is designed to optimize spray coverage by atomizing fluids using ultrasonic vibration. The unpressurized, low-velocity spray gently settles on a target’s surface unlike high liquid pressure or air pressure nozzles that create sprays which bounce off of the target. With liquid flow rates between 0.04 and 15 ml/min, sprays can be customized and shaped to meet your process requirements. For superior spray coverage, the nozzles may be arranged in a multi-nozzle configuration.

Achieve Flawless Coverage!

Specific to Your Process

We offer 2 full cone conical spray air cap options, 30° and 70°, which are designed to achieve narrow spray coverage. We also offer a flat fan air cap which creates an oval shaped spray pattern that can be adjusted with fan air pressure and axial air pressure. Extra wide coverages can be achieved by mounting multiple nozzles on a spray bar.

Stays Cool Under Pressure

Our Ultrasonic nozzle achieves atomization via a piezoelectric transducer vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency of 75 kHz. Cooling ports have been incorporated into the nozzle to circulate a cooling gas through the transducer cavity, keeping the piezo ceramic at cool operating temperatures.

Only Where You Need It

Energy is required to break up a liquid into droplets. Using ultrasonic spray technology, ultrasonic vibration supplies the energy to atomize the liquid. This liquid break up mechanism produces small droplets traveling at low velocity. A gentle spray is produced that easily attaches to the target without bouncing off.

See the System in Action!

Conical Spray 30°

Spraying water and baking soda onto Goldenrod Color Changing paper
The patented Ultrasonic Spray system provides precise, highly-adjustable spray patterns ideal for high-precision coatings as well as vaporization, spray drying and humidification.

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